A Red State America multi-state adventure tour

created out of the values that built our country.

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the expedition begins

June 1, 2017


For Immediate Release

May 1, 2017.

Ennis, MT: June 1st, 2017, Scott Kesterson, President and Founder of  The American Brand, will begin Xpedition RED, a multi-state adventure tour of Red State America. Xpedition RED will visit small towns, meet with small business owners, explore historic routes, and tell the stories of the rich socio-economic fabric that is the foundation of Red State America. Kesterson, who was awarded an Emmy for his video work in Afghanistan, will bring his personal and candid storytelling style of “from the ground and village,” to entertain, educate and develop an understanding and appreciation for the common values that are at the root of Red State America. Xpedition RED will be divided into seven treks, ending in the final pre-election months of Fall of 2018. 

As an adventure tour, Xpedition RED is based on the values that built our country: risk, physical challenges, and enduring spirit. Ennis, MT, the new home of The American Brand, will be the hub for Xpedition RED. Each Trek has been designed to embody aspects that are at the core of Red State by highlighting the regional and cultural uniqueness that has been the foundation of Red State’s love for country and the Constitution. 

The American Brand, 501c4 is a social non-profit dedicated to the working-class values that are at the core of America; what we refer to as American Populism. It is an organization founded by Scott Kesterson who is also a veteran, for the benefit of all Americans to re-establish the importance of service to country and to our citizens. The American Brand is built on three pillars: 1) education and outreach; 2) small business policy and advocacy; and, 3) political intelligence and call to action. The American Brand mission is to educate citizens on civics and the Constitution, build unity and political awareness across rural communities, advocate policy for small business and working class America, and develop cutting edge political strategies to support political action for Red State America.