Everything we do

is built around a brand

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The American Brand is a cultural branding think tank designed for American business and industry.


Our mission is to deliver best-in-class research, brand strategy and implementation that keeps pace with the speed of information, expanding global integration and the dynamic and rapidly changing globalized markets that impact brand influence and perception.

Everything we do is centered on a brand; it defines nearly every aspect of our lives. The flag is a global and financial brand. Our ideology is cultural brand. A company has a market brand, and the products or services they sell are individual brands that are ambassadors of company’s vision, values and ethics.

The American Brand was established in 2016 by Scott Kesterson originating from his experience with complex cultural and ideological branding projects for Defense and Intelligence operations, micro-segment market analysis and socio-economic and political stability initiatives.

We work from four pillars of success:

  •     Analytics: Branding is a war of information and perception. That requires an ability to dynamically assess quantitative and qualitative market data, develop cultural and political risk intelligence, identify the socio-economic influencers and drivers within the market, and ultimately exploit the gaps to maximize market success. 
  •     Implementation: Research and analysis must be linked to reality. There is nothing worse then good ideas without ground truth and cultural buy-in. That buy-in begins within the organization and must be aligned with the strategic vision of its leadership. Implementation must refined to exploit the market gaps, remain adaptive while outpacing the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of competitors and influencers in the market space. 
  •     Thought Leadership: Businesses and organizations need the know with confidence that their market execution will deliver maximum competitive advantage, influence and economic durability for their products domestically and around the globe. The challenge in today’s markets is that brands have increasingly become weaponized to effect political and social change. This new market reality demands strategic clarity, adaptive planning and a comprehensive information picture to maintain the competitive advantage. 
  •     Outreach: Providing educational outreach is a critical part of our mission. Through the production of podcasts, subscription intelligence reports, eBook publications and short films, the goal is to provide a common sense picture of the geo-political trends and influencers that shape brand influence and ultimately our daily lives. Through this process The American Brand has developed an global brand reach that continues to grow.