REEL Faith

REEL Faith is a youth empowerment program built on the parable, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

OUR VISION: to reach youth in such a way that for the rest of their lives, everything that they do brings them back to the pursuit of a life anchored in FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES. That’s investing in our future; that’s the American Brand. 

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What if we could reach youth in such a way as to give them hope and the opportunity to believe in the foundations of a life built on FAITH, on the pursuit of KNOWLEDGE, and on the importance of living a life of VALUES? 

What if you could do all of that through the simple of act of fishing? And do it in such a way that once they touched it, they would forever be changed… so that every single thing they touch thereafter, every single thing that they do would bring them closer to FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES. What if?

We BELIEVE it’s possible. And in fact, that’s exactly what we are doing. 

This is The American Brand’s project, REEL Faith. Where through the simple act of teaching youth the art of fishing, and connecting it to FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES rooted in the wealth of stories that come from the natural world around us, and linking that to the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math… that we can bring the glory of FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES to our youth to last their lifetime.

REEL Faith is launching in 2018. Traveling across America to engage youth in our communities, to learn, to share and to grow. Through the richness of storytelling, the inspiration of clinics and lectures, and the challenges of competition, REEL Faith will bring the vision of FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES to America’s youth. 


Help us inspire our youth to lead America towards a future anchored in the foundations of FAITH, KNOWLEDGE and VALUES.



Wage War tour

Wage War Tour. Empowering communities with the armor of Faith, Knowledge and Values.

Action must begin at the local level. We must involve ourselves in our schools, the school boards, Parent-Teacher conferences, City councils, County Commissions and public meetings. We must know who our representatives are, who is influencing them, document what they say and advocate for, identify who funds them and hold them accountable to the Constitution and America. We must unmask the the influences that seek to undermine the foundation we are built on... Faith, Values and the Constitution. We must build a comprehensive map of this political research to reveal the details of political and financial intent across the nation to educate and inform ... and it must be made public for all of us to witness. 



American Brand TV

The American Brand TV. Telling the stories of America through the lens of Faith and the Constitution.

We must connect our stories, our struggles, our hopes and our dreams into a common narrative of strength. The American Brand TV is the beginning of that vision, offering an innovative internet-based media channel that features stories about America told by citizen storytellers. The channel is built upon the concept of storytelling and edutainment (education + entertainment) where the stories are told by everyday Americans, rather than the scripted faces of journalists, actors, or public figures. We rely on Citizen Storytellers to capture the narratives of our time and our lives. The vision of American Brand TV is to create a place to enjoy the many stories from across the country, exchange ideas and passions and learn about the challenges, lives and dreams of  Americans that never find a place in the short cycles of hype and news.