Education and outreach

Operation Black Flag. Action must begin at the local level. We must involve ourselves in our schools, the school boards, Parent-Teacher conferences, City councils, County Commissions and public meetings. We must know who our representatives are, who is influencing them, document what they say and advocate for, identify who funds them and hold them accountable to the Constitution and America. We must unmask the the influences that seek to undermine the foundation we are built on... Faith, Values and the Constitution. We must build a comprehensive map of this political research to reveal the details of political and financial intent across the nation to educate and inform ... and it must be made public for all of us to witness. 

The American Brand TV. We must connect our stories, our struggles, our hopes and our dreams into a common narrative of strength. The American Brand TV is the beginning of that vision, offering an innovative internet-based media channel that features stories about America told by citizen storytellers. The channel is built upon the concept of storytelling and edutainment (education + entertainment) where the stories are told by everyday Americans, rather than the scripted faces of journalists, actors, or public figures. We rely on Citizen Storytellers to capture the narratives of our time and our lives. The vision of American Brand TV is to create a place to enjoy the many stories from across the country, exchange ideas and passions and learn about the challenges, lives and dreams of  Americans that never find a place in the short cycles of hype and news. 

Applied technology centers. Red State America has to lead, not follow. Beginning in 2018 The American Brand will be launching Applied Technology Centers in small towns and rural communities. These centers will allow hands on training and technology exposure for young and old alike, as well as provide a resource for small business to explore ways to improve their business operations with the selective incorporation of technology. The focus of these centers is stimulate innovation that mergers technologies with the Red State value of fabricating and making.

Documenting Confederate monuments. The Left is making an aggressive push to remove and / or destroy American history. They have begun their attack by targeting Confederate monuments and attempting to tag all European decent Americans who believe in a constitutional republic as racists. We are mobilizing teams across the country to document all historical moments, beginning with Confederate monuments. Teams are photographing, measuring, recording GPS coordinates, recording materials used in the monuments, capturing "rubs" from plaques and engravings, and collecting interviews and histories related to the monuments. We are archiving these in a data base for future use; for a time when we will return the monuments to their previous glory. Volunteer today! 

Small Business economics and advocacy 

Economics. America First and Buy American is not just about products, its also about supporting the economic foundations of American economic might… American owned and operated small business.The American Brand’s Small Business Initiative is centered on creating economic leverage and using that leverage to create political influence. Small town to small town, American small business owners are fighting daily battles of survival as sole entities, out funded and under resourced to fight Washington and State governments who are answering to the big money power brokers. The American Brand Small Business Initiative is designed to empower Red State America with the “power of the purse” by providing a central resource to locate small businesses around the country to make purchases from rather than from online mega shopping sites like Amazon or big box retailers. It is about connecting Red State and Red County small businesses to the broader community of Red State America to strengthen our common values and beliefs through purchasing power.

Advocacy. Small businesses are on the front lines of the political war. They have become the focus of a political attacks from extremest elements, often forcing business owners to give in to political extremists or face economic and often legal disaster. The American Brand supports small business. We are building an advocacy group with a legal and accounting team built around a core socio-economic intelligence unit that will assist small businesses in improving their bottom line, and be able go on the offensive against the political and social elements that are constantly trying to destroy American dreams. 


Developing the next generation of thought leadership

Youth mentorship. Out vision is bold... to establish a requirement that all High School Seniors must complete a mandatory two semester small business mentorship program that provides them with the experience of starting and running a small business. Using a mix of online tools and forums, combined with hands on training, the objective is to provide every high school student with the basic understanding of  small business to inspire innovation and reinvigorate the "American dream."

Thought leadership. Our ongoing analysis of opposition political tactics and actions ensure American Populist groups, like minded organizations and Red State America are supported with cutting edge political intelligence and tactics. Our ongoing research is used to develop new and innovative political strategies for Red State America to improve education outreach, Red State political training and action, and enhance voter impact and mobilization for working class America.