Security is essential for any organization. Though there is never a 100% solution, taking the proper steps to limit data breaches and protect communications is essential. For that reason we have asked everyone to acquire a Proton Mail account to ensure the highest level of security available for daily email use.

You can set up a free Proton Mail account here. 

The Proton Mail app is available for Android and iOS available through Google App Store or from iTunes. 

We are asking that you fill out the information below so that we can quickly update your account information with your new Proton Mail address. Once updated you will receive an email from our Proton Mail address with the URL "promethyus.io"

You an reach us via our Proton Mail business account at:

  • General inquiries: info@promethyus.io
  • Intel: intel@promethyus.io
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing: l.bacchi@promethyus.io
  • Operations: s.kesterson@promethyus.io
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