Welcome to The American Brand...

My name is Scott Kesterson. I am President and Founder of The American Brand, 501c4. We are a social non-profit dedicated to the working class values that are at the core of America... what I refer to as American populism. It is an organization that, as a veteran, I founded for the benefit of all American’s to re-establish the importance of service to country and our citizens.

The American Brand is built on three pillars... 1) education and community outreach; 2) small business policy and advocacy; and 3) political intelligence and call to action. Our mission is to educate citizens on civics and the Constitution, build unity and political awareness across rural communities, advance policy to protect and defend small business and working class America, and develop cutting edge political strategies to support Red State America political action. We work off of four founding principles… integrity, humility, humor and a love for our country. 

My professional background has made this project a personal passion. I began working in the family remodeling business at the age of 8 years old. I joined the National Guard out of High School, attended Oregon State University for a degree in History, worked in senior level marketing and sales positions after that, and returned to the family business in 1999 to transform it into a speciality design build company. Then in 2006 I shut it all down to go to Afghanistan to do a documentary film on our soldiers. I was embedded with my original National Guard Brigade Combat Team as the first citizen journalist in the Department of Defense Embed program. I was awarded an Emmy for my work in 2007, nominated for a Peabody that same year, and then went to work for Special Operations units doing Information Operations and Cultural Engagement from 2008-2016. I spent three and half years in Afghanistan traveling all over the country mainly by myself accompanied by my interpreter. I have traveled extensively around the world from the Pacific Rim, across Eastern and Western Europe and in the Middle East. What I have come to realize is that working class America is one of the most powerful social and value based forces on earth. 

The site is relatively new, so our media content is growing. The foundations on what The American Brand is built on, however, comes from some of the most demanding work that I did during my time with Special Operations. I hope that you will explore the site, support us with your donations and sharing of the site, and help us realize our vision of making The American Brand a household name across America for Red State America. We are fighting for the values our ancestors believed in and our children need to know. 


Scott Kesterson - President and Founder

The American Brand, 501c4